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Bill Willyerd Washington Ironman 06
  Hello and Welcome to NWCCTan!
  1. You can check your time online by logging in and choosing your competition. It will show your times and your station number.
We will only be taking a single appointment (session) starting now. We will apply as many applications necessary to give you "The Winning Color"!
I would like to point out that when we (NWCCTan) are the appointed Airbrush Vendor we are at shows to help everyone, not only those who have purchased our Tanning packages. We are there to help everyone with touch ups and glazing. If you have your product, we would be glad to assist. Not everyone's coach/trainer can make it to the shows, consider us surrogates, we are glad to help.

You have put in all of the hard work, posing, dieting, endless hours in the gym toning and honing your physique. Let us take care of your tan. We can make you look like a Greek god or goddess in 15 to 20 minutes. No more sleeping in the spare bed because your significant other just can't sleep with the 'Paint Tan' smell (and face - it we have put them through enough at this point!)

OK, here is how this works.
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  4. Choose the time you feel fits your schedule, click submit.
    Voilà you are done.

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